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I'm home! =) We left Washington at 9am on Tuesday and got here at 3 am on Wednesday. (We drove straight through with no overnight stops.)It's strange being home. I felt like when I got here everyone will have moved on without me but I find myself having to slow down so that they can catch up with me. It's almost like someone threw a wrench in my wheels. But I'm damn happy to be home. (even if it's so damn hot)
Dancing Sushi!

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I will own guitar hero this I promise. =)

SO guys I'll be home in a few weeks. I just want to get there and go back to work so I can pretend for a year that everything is alright. I really am serious about going back to school. Hopefully if things go right I can get it done without having to take out to many loans. Even if it means living with my parents for a year.

Is it just absolutely silly that I felt really tingly after seeing the trailer for Final Fantasy 12? It's just so friggin pretty.

"HOW did the fire start?"

"Well sir it seems that her vibrator overheated and caught the bed on fire..."

I had to throw away my vibrator because it broke. NOt from overuse mind you. I think more because of lack of use. It was stored in a box last year when I was at my parents and I forgot to take out the batteries and they did that thing batteries do and ruined my $75 vibrator...bastard. But I had it on my bed yesterday seeing if just maybe I could fix it. After about 15 minutes I just got irritated and threw it somewhere on the bed. Probably about 10 minutes after that I feel something hot by my leg I look over and nothing is there but this stupid vibrator. When I put my hand on it I feel this incredible heat coming from it. "HOLY CRAP IT"S OVERHEATING!!!" I guess I left it on and didn't think anything about it because it was broken and the motor was trying to go and overheated...maybe? I don't know but I'm just glad I found it before it started melting or something. Try explaining that to your husband when he comes back from the field!

RIP my friend. We've been through a lot...I will miss you.
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I just got a phone call from someone. The conversation went like this
Him: Who's Number is this?
Me: Mine?
Him: Who's me
Me: Randi
Him: Well I got you're number from a restroom wall I'm letting you know I'm erasing it but if you get any strange calls you know why.
Me: Oh ok thanks a bunch.

I was trying so hard to not laugh that I forgot to ask just where my number was. I should be angry but I just think it's funny. Really really funny.
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my child is in the living room singing in Spainish. I have not idea what he saying. The child is not supposed to be smarter than the parent. This is depressing. No it's funny. Very funny. What does sube mean? Stupid Dora