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"HOW did the fire start?"

"Well sir it seems that her vibrator overheated and caught the bed on fire..."

I had to throw away my vibrator because it broke. NOt from overuse mind you. I think more because of lack of use. It was stored in a box last year when I was at my parents and I forgot to take out the batteries and they did that thing batteries do and ruined my $75 vibrator...bastard. But I had it on my bed yesterday seeing if just maybe I could fix it. After about 15 minutes I just got irritated and threw it somewhere on the bed. Probably about 10 minutes after that I feel something hot by my leg I look over and nothing is there but this stupid vibrator. When I put my hand on it I feel this incredible heat coming from it. "HOLY CRAP IT"S OVERHEATING!!!" I guess I left it on and didn't think anything about it because it was broken and the motor was trying to go and overheated...maybe? I don't know but I'm just glad I found it before it started melting or something. Try explaining that to your husband when he comes back from the field!

RIP my friend. We've been through a lot...I will miss you.

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